Fever Screening That Helps Protect Your Staff And Customers

The WHO recommends daily temperature testing of employees as part of a safe return to work protocol.

Temperature testing thermal screening solutions are designed to help get your business back to work. Instantly scan and test body temperature of staff and customers before they enter your shop or premises. 

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 Return to work safely

Irish Experts In Thermographics

Thermal body temperature detection warning systems


A common symptom of coronavirus is a high temperature and fever


Accurate Thermographic cameras to monitor staff and customers.

Warning Alerts

Identify any early risks that can help keep your staff and customers safe.


Email alerts with screenshots to help notify staff of any risks

"I have worked with Gerry for a number of years and his monitoring systems and support are the best.

"Really fast, accurate and simple to use"

"The fever screening system was installed two days after I contacted FeverScreen. The temperature testing is really accurate, easy to use and gives my staff and customers some extra security"