Essential Services

Essential services acted early in this crisis to ensure that nobody would be granted access to their premises if they have symptoms of COVID-19.  Cough or Fever.  Manual temperature screening of surface skin temperature is slow, requires operator training and does not allow for social distancing.  Automatic temperature screening using thermographic technology is the best solution for all employees, customers and support personnel.


In order for the retail sector to return to trading safely, retailers will need to take appropriate measures to ensure that their staff and customers are safe and that the potential for the spread of the virus in minimised.  While this solution is not for all stores, stores with a large footfall will need to consider measures that mitigate their risk.  Consumers will need to see temperature screening in place to feel more confident about where they shop.   There are a variety of solutions available and we are glad to discuss your requirements.

Offices, Educational & Public Spaces

The current COVID-19 emergency has turned a strong focus on how to prevent the spread of the virus, and how we can return to a safe working and learning environment.

Through our support of essential services during the lockdown, we have learned that you must restrict infected persons from entering your place of work.  The most effective means of doing this is through screening all persons for fever at entry, on a daily basis.  It is obvious to persons working on the front line of services, that these measures will need to apply to medium and large size gatherings when we eventually ease out of the lockdown.

Any educational institution that is considering opening its doors in the coming months, will need to implement some measures to protect the overall population and we anticipate that the use of these systems will become a necessity.

Manufacturing & Construction

It has emerged as an essential process that any company starting back to work must ensure that people that have symptoms of COVID-19 must not be permitted to attend work.

While manual procedures of taking surface skin temperatures with hand-held thermometers may be a temporary solution, it is neither fast, safe nor sustainable.  Automatic systems are the practical way to deliver this key objective.

There are many different solutions for different sectors, and we can advise you what is suitable for your site.


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